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Anthropology science has established that a human being is only one, despite of the differences on skin color, facial features or cultural manifestations that each one has.
However it implies a traditional point that involves human beings in four important races: White or European, Black or African, Yellow or Asian and brunette or American race. This classification does not satisfy the requirements in order to determine what family belong all the people who are live in this world according to the skin color.

According to the reality looking for the anthropology and modern linguistic, is more important the classification of the human families finding the principal linguistic racial roots, for instance the family or Latin group that countries that speak Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish Catalan and Portuguese belong. In America in a similar way all the indigenous families are grouped on linguistic racial roots integrated by counties that sometimes can be widely geographic separated but they have a lot of common features and cultural elements and the speaking of the language related to a common root.

When Hispanic conquerors arrived to America, it had a lot of aboriginal’s culture, but few of them were highlights for their organization, architecture, states or emperies.
Before to America discovery, in pre-Hispanic period, three linguistic families habited in the territory that nowadays is called Colombia

LINGUISTIC-RACIAL FAMILY CARIBE: They came from Antillas and introduce the cultivation of corn in Colombia, they displacement Chibchas to other territory strengthening themselves in this warm valley, the most important cultures that belong it were Sinúes, Quimbayas and Tolimas.

LINGUISTIC-RACIAL FAMILY ARAWAK: They used to live in eastern plains and one of their cultures survive to Spain colonization, they are los Wayú that live in La Guajira.

LINGUISTIC-RACIAL FAMILY CHIBCHA: Is believed that this family comes from Center of America, they were initially established near to warm valleys, latter they moved to temperate valleys near to rives and finally in the range for the fights with neighbor linguistic-roots as Caribe. The most important cultures that belong it were “Taironas”, “Muiscas” and “Guanes”

The main difference among Mayas, Aztecas, Chibchas and Incas is that Chibchas never construct big buildings as Mayas or Incas or Aztecas, for instance:

Machu Picchu, Perú, a sample of Incas architecture.

Templo Azteca, Tenochtitlán Mexico.

Ciudad Maya,  Petén,  Guatemala.

Incas, Mayas and Aztecas were recognized for their empires, beautiful and awesome architecture.
In Colombia the most important Colombia civilization “Chibchas” unfortunately were not recognized but those kinds of buildings, they worked with crafts and gold workers.

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