Monday, 23 January 2012


“Sharpen the senses and touch the hand of reflection that leads me and dipped me into reality also allows me to recreate in paint the vibrations to them as dreams are intangible, feel the irrationality, as in a game with his own rules, it warn those vibrations, traces suddenly pointing on the ancient state of things, or our attitude towards the bounty of nature, I also suggest that new days not only  have to come only after night, day and night, the senses themselves without sharp bursts, we can offer ungraspable, to be believed as seizable as the light path or the path of a color”.
Carlos Jacanamijoy

Carlos Jacanamijoy was born in Santiago de Putumayo, is a Colombian artist who belongs to INGA people from Putumayo, although he lives in New York, he travels frequently to his natal region where participates in the life and celebrations of his community, he also has an important part in ceremonies and rites because his fathers is one of the Curacas or spiritual guide in his community.
Despite of his origin he does not integrate the most important aspects of INGAS people in his art; he studied arts in Universidad Nacional de Colombia, that’s why he learnt about occidental art, he develop a special Oleo technique and also an abstract art where you feel the nature but is not implicit.

He likes mixed all the colors that he saw in the jungle where they grows, the plants, the trees, the sounds of the nature that you can perceive in his pictures.
Jacanamijoy works is displayed in its cultural heritage and shows not only their roots, but also the same environment. Between the explosions of colors you can see a dream that feeds on the forest and stimulates the senses. And I say way, for the silence of the canvas, you can almost hear the sounds of nature and, if you can lift feet off the ground, you can also smell their aromas. It's a strange sensation that comes to see his paintings, perhaps because the play. Jacanamijoy is the result of the combination of a good artist and the unique vision of an Indian.


This artist is a spokes man of a culture, the jungle, the sounds, the passion of a community in the middle of the jungle.

What do you feel when you see these pictures?

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