Monday, 23 January 2012


“The land of forgetfulness” That is commonly called the mountain range  located north of Colombia and also an isolated system of the Andes on the Caribbean coast, the highest coastal mountain formation of the world for several years was the home and the shelter of one of the most important cultures in Colombia, “The Taironas” who constructed one of the most beautiful legacies as “Ciudad perdida” a construction conformed by terraces and parts for the cultivation of corn as their livelihood.
Now “Los Koguis” live there but who were “Taironas” what was the secret of this culture belong to the “Chibchas”, that were not recognized as builders as Mayas or Incas, and the successful of this city that did not deteriorate the environment.

“The Taironas” were people belonged to the big linguistic group “Chibcha”, Tairona’s forefathers used to live in neighbor valleys, but the had to move for issues with other cultures, that is why they finally established their home in the highest part of the mountain called “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” with water wealth consist by the rivers Guarupal, Guatapurí , Badillo, Piedras, Mendiguaca, Manzanares and others.

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